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Tips and advice on best practice from the veterinary world.

World Vet Day 2020: The Important Ways Vets Protect Our Environment

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World Vet day logo with the caption in a circle and animal silhouettes in the centre

The theme for this year is how vets work to protect the environment. To celebrate this, we have an insight from Jonathan Statham from the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England where he talks about the important role vets play in reducing the environmental imact of farming.

Goods to Declare: My Experience in the Heathrow Airport Animal Reception Centre Part 1

A hyena biting a hat and pulling it from andrew

Have you ever wondered what weird and wonderful animals arrive in the UK? Andrew Bieniek-Maluszczak describes some of the animals he's seen working as a vet in the Animal Reception Centre.

What Else Can You Do With Your Vet Degree In Government? An Interview With Naomi Roberts

Naomi Roberts looking into the camera

Naomi Roberts currently is the Deputy Director, Heads of Professions at the Department for International Development. She previously practiced as a vet but has since taken up roles in government. The blog team managed to sit down with Naomi and talk through her career to give budding vets some great advice.