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Government Vets

Share your views on a new proposal to attract vets into Government

Government Veterinary Services is considering a new veterinary programme to attract more vets into Government veterinary roles. We are calling on vets to help shape the proposal by sharing their ideas. The programme would provide a structured pathway for qualified …

Food Standards Agency - Job Vacancy for a Field Operations Veterinary Delivery Leader

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Background The FSA is a non-ministerial department of over 1300 people with the key responsibility to protect public health and consumers’ wider interest in food and animal welfare standards A key function for delivering this work is shaping and guiding …

The Veterinary Public Health Association and Association of Government Vets Autumn Conference – register quick!

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Logos of the Association of Government Vets and Veterinary Publish Health Association next to the title of the November 2017 conference: Embracing Innovation

The Association of Government Veterinarians and Veterinary Public Health Association's November Conference is this Thursday. APHA's Kate Sharpe gets evangelical about why you should make the effort to attend.